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HARP - What We Do

Below is a list of funded services provided by HARP of Victoria. For a more detailed explanation of each service click links below.

Case Management Services

Case management is a multi-step process to ensure timely access to and coordination of medical and psychosocial services for a person living with HIV. We provide both medical and non-medical case management depending on your need.

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Outpatient/Ambulatory Medical Care

Out patient/Ambulatory Medical Care (OAMC)
is the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services rendered by a physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner in an 
outpatient setting.

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AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance

Provides therapeutics to treat HIV/AIDS or to prevent the serious deterioration of health arising from HIV/AIDS in eligible individuals, including measures for prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections.

Oral Health Care

Oral Health Services including diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic dental care provided by licensed and certified dental professionals. 

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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services include psychological and psychiatric treatment and counseling services offered to individuals with a diagnosed mental illness.

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Food Pantry

This category includes the provisions of fruit, vegetables, dairy, canned meat, staples, and personal care products in a food pantry setting.

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Medical Transportation Services

Medical Transportation Services enable an eligible individual to access HIV-related health and support services, including services needed to maintain the client in HIV medical care.

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Insurance Premium & Cost-Sharing Assistance 

The provision of financial assistance for eligible individuals living with HIV to maintain a continuity of health insurance or to receive medical benefits under a health insurance program. This includes premium payments, co-payments and deductibles.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) is for essential services (such as utilities) or prescriptions provided to clients with limited frequency and for a limited period of time. The intent of these funds are to support a client for a short duration.

Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services (EIS) includes identification of individuals and access to services with the provision of HIV testing and counseling, referral services, linkage to care, and health education that enable clients to navigate the HIV system of care.

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Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)

The goal of the HOPWA program is to provide housing assistance and supportive services for income-eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their families to establish or better maintain a stable living environment in housing that is decent, safe, and sanitary, to reduce the risk of homelessness, and to improve access to health care and supportive services.

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